Retreating at Lucky Crane Villas means immersing into this beautiful, soul-nourishing space and connecting to your deeper self.

With my friend and artist Floris van Zyl, I created the Crane-ensō:  A majestic and graceful Crane, rising into its full potential and power with incredible joy and life energy.

Our retreats offer you various modalities, activities and tools to help you immerse into a space of deep release, letting your mind go, connecting with your intuition, tapping into your profound inner wisdom and rising into your very best self.

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Let go. Connect. Discover. Transform. Rise.

Whether you are feeling burned out, stuck in a situation, entering a new life phase, uncertain about your purpose or simply wanting to rejuvenate and reconnect– our 3-Step Guidance will empower you to destress and release tension, find balance, and reconnect with your intuition and true potential.

1 – Access your body’s ability to shake off tension, stress and anxiety with the TRE® technique.
2 – Stretch and balance your physical and emotional body with Restorative Yoga and Body Visualisation Techniques.
3 – Tap into the profound wisdom of your body, activate your intuition and unleash your true potential with the Fully Human Breathing Exploration.

January 2024:

New Beginnings

3 nights from Thu 11 – Sun 14  January – Waiting List

Let’s appreciate the past year and take the opportunity to reflect on a new cycle for the year ahead. Our retreat will empower you to create space to work on your intentions for the coming year. 

September 2024:

Inner Bloom

3 nights from Thu 5 – Sun 8  September 

Wake up your creativity and intuition with our Inner Bloom retreat. Our retreat will empower you to sharpen your awareness, expand and energise your body.

Retreat Rates and Accommodation Options

All activities, nutritious meals and en suite air-conditioned king rooms are included in the cost. Any additional drinks ordered are paid separately. 

Private Villa R14,200 p.p. single
Private Villa R9,850 p.p. sharing

Shared Villa R10,600 p.p. single
Shared Villa R8,100 p.p. sharing

Next Retreat Dates

New Beginnings Thu 11 – Sun 14  January – Waiting List
Inner Bloom Thu 5 – Sun 8  September 

We have limited space, so we highly recommend securing your retreat by booking as soon as possible.

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For bookings and our retreat program provide your information on the form provided.

Meet The Retreat Team

With over 20 years of expertise in corporate, holistic health, design, and hospitality, we are equipped with rich knowledge, mindful experiences, and practical tools to help you craft your purpose and turn it into reality. 

Ciao, I’m Monika Schmalzl,

I’m your host at Lucky Crane Villas, an Italian by birth and a South African by choice. I love to create. In Italy I created advertising concepts for my clients and here I create beautiful spaces for travellers and explorers to immerse in and enjoy. The villas, gardens and orchards are designed in a contemporary, light and airy, luxurious yet unpretentious style for the natural surroundings to flow in and for you to expand. I hope you will feel the creative female energy, restore and rejuvenate. I’m looking forward to welcoming you .

Hi, I’m Corrie van der Colff,

I’m a Pilates instructor and movement specific analyst, inquisitive and excited to learn, what as a human species we’re actually capable of.
I find the human body fascinatingly beautiful, in particular the expression of emotion through the body as a completion of the body – mind – spirit circle.
Exploring breath has been one of my passions over the last 25 years, engaging in multiple disciplines from both east and west and integrating them into my own life and into my teachings. I’m looking forward to this journey with you.

Hi, I’m Tharien Pieterse,

I am a yoga instructor specialising in mindful movement and helping clients with physical wellbeing, mental clarity, and emotional balance. I combine breathwork, kinesiology, yoga, and anatomy to improve flexibility, stability, and alignment. My classes end with relaxation techniques that soothe the nervous system, give time for inner reflection and promote a sense of well-being. Regular practice can support the body with injury rehabilitation, relaxation, stress release, chronic pain and tension. I started my holistic training in India in 2006, including breathwork, yoga and stress-release techniques. I am also a qualified Yoga Alliance instructor in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. I have been hosting yoga classes and retreats since 2013 in South America, Central America and South Africa.

Hi, I’m Beth Keytel,

I’m a TRE Provider and am constantly astounded as to how amazing our bodies are and how they can heal almost anything if we just listen, nurture and allow ourselves. After spending 20 years in corporate management (IT and HR), dealing with a lot of stress and tension daily, I have gently guided clients for the last six years through a process of releasing past stresses and traumas in their bodies, which are trapped in the form of muscular tension, by naturally ‘shaking it off’ and completing the cycle of returning to homeostasis. My passion is connecting deeply with people and providing a safe space for them to heal themselves. I am really looking forward to being part of this journey with you.

Our Retreat Venue

Merely a two-hour drive from Cape Town, our elegant Villas are ideal for retreats. Featuring contemporary entertainment spaces, enchanting bedrooms, and private pools offering picturesque mountain views, our Villas also boast an exclusive olive grove, allowing you to indulge in the blissful art of “il dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing).